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Proportioning valve twin bore AP Racing, CP4550-1

AP Racing - The science of friction Manufacturer: AP Racing - The science of friction

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The twin bore lever type proportioning valve CP4550-1 is a 2 in and 2 out valve. This valve enables the user to utilise original fluid pipe runs on Grp N or similar applications where a tandem (dual circuit) master cylinder is specified. This proportioning valve provides the driver with 7 distinct settings from which to select the most suitable braking ratio.

General Information:

To obtain the best performance using this valves, the brake balance should be biased towards the rear so that with the valve piped in to the rear line and set in position 7  where virtually no reductions occurs, the balance is as much to the rear as will ever be needed. Moving the control lever to a lower setting will progressively reduce the rear line pressure giving more bias to the front, for use when more grip is available.

This proportioning valves is suitable for use with any brake fluid that conforms to DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 standards, but best all round performance will be achieved with AP Racing 600 brake fluid.

Due to internal adjustments set by AP Racing, do not strip these assemblies. Do NOT attempt any modification of these valves. Strictly for competition use only.


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Price 351,17 EUR

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Price incl. VAT 431,94 EUR

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