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Transmission oil Motul Multi ATF 1L
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Manufacturer: Motul - Motor oils and lubricants
Motul - Motor oils and lubricants

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100% Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid for most modern automatic transmissions (manual mode, sequential mode, electronically controlled …) and most power steering systems.

MOTUL MULTI ATF is a 100% Synthetic high techlubricant featuring outstanding performance with regards to DEXRON III and MERCON standards requirements.
Thanks to its exclusive and dedicated formula, MULTI ATF:
- Allows fuel economy for cars fitted with automatic gearboxes by reducing epicyclical gears friction.
- Provides anti-shudder performance and then avoids vibrations on engine fly wheel.
- Protects gears that are more and more numerous, compact and heavily loaded.
- Gives superior automatic transmission response: smooth shift feel and minimizing shift time lag.
- Improves automatic gearboxes reaction at cold temperature.
- Extends life time duration, better shear stability at hot temperature and oxidation resistance.

- Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-foam.

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Price 9,75 EUR

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Price incl. VAT 11,99 EUR

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