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§ 32 
1. The Company is liable only for latent defects of physical nature inherent in the Goods supplied unless the Client knew about the existence of the defect at the time of receipt of the Goods. 
2. Complaints relating to incompleteness or damage of delivered Goods will be examined only if the Client has drawn up a written record of complaint in the presence of the person delivering the Goods. 
§ 33 
Due to the nature of the Goods sold in the Store, the Company is not liable for any damage incurred to third parties as a result of using these goods, as well as to cars modified by means of the Goods. 
§ 34 
1. The Company does not provide information as to the applicability of the Goods available in the store for various makes of cars. 
2. The Company is not responsible for vehicle damage caused by improper use of the Goods ordered in the Store. 
§ 35 
The Company specifically disclaims any liability for: 

1. any damages resulting from the use of the ordered Goods 
2. damage resulting from incorrect assembly of the ordered goods; as improper assembly shall be considered any installation performed by entities who fail to meet  conditions set out in § 8. 1 of the Terms and Conditions.
3. the loss of specific rights under warranty or given by the car’s  manufacturer or seller, after installation of the ordered Goods.
4. the loss of specific powers under the insurance policy or other similar agreement.
5. penalties or other obligations imposed as a result of violation of § 7 of the Terms and Conditions.
6. the loss of points awarded on the occasion of  sports events as well as awards, endorsements and other benefits.
7. other incidents not resulting from hidden defects of the Goods 
§ 36 
1. Complaints shall be submitted in writing to the Company’s head office. 
2. Together with the submission of a complaint the Client must deliver to the Company the product. 
3. The complaint shall be considered within 14 days from the date of submitting thereof. 
§ 37 
1. If the complaint is accepted, the Company shall deliver to the Client a product which has been repaired or is otherwise free from defects. 
2. In the event  of non-delivery of the product which has been repaired or is otherwise free from defects due to no fault of the Company, the Company will, within 7 days from the date of acceptance of the claim, refund the Client  the price paid for the product. . 

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