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Our company operates in the automotive market since 2005. We sell car parts, perform road and race engine mapping, and provide technical consulting for competitors. From the very beginning, we have been putting a lot of stress on improving the quality of our services. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to offer solutions that really work and have been tested by us or our partners both on race track and on the road. Forget about half-measures, work with the best experts on the market and become one of our satisfied Partners and Customers.

We are an independent importer of original Subaru and Mitsubishi (Lancer EVO) parts, as well as competition and performance parts. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with several verified suppliers, we are able to ensure short lead times, competitive prices and expert consulting. In our commercial activities, we focus on cooperating with stores, wholesalers and workshops, as well as competition drivers, but every individual customer can expect to be served with the same care and engagement.

Additionally, we have very broad stock of car parts available on site and ready for dispatch on the very same day. What is more, our actual stock is visible online and every customer can check the availability of a given car part in real time. In order to address the expectations and needs of our customers, since 2018, we expanded our sales portfolio by adding performance parts for other car brands from all our available manufacturers. It is worth mentioning that we are exclusive Polish distributors of such manufacturers as:


Additionally, we are dealers of other well known manufacturers:

Between 2005-2017, we also operated a mechanical workshop specialising in Subaru and Lancer EVO. Each user of those exceptional cars who had the opportunity to make use of our services could experience our reliability, with individual, professional approach in each case. What is more, in 2005-2014 we used to prepare cars for diverse kinds of competitions, starting with amateur motorsport events and ending with professional races and rallies. We participated in top sports events in the country and provided on-event support. Drivers supported by us won many prizes and often ranked first in competitions both in Poland and abroad - please visit the Motorsport tab for more information. At this moment, the operation of our mechanical workshop has been suspended.

We kindly invite owners of Subaru and Lancer EVO to our 4x4 chassis dyno that allows to measure your car's power and torque in real time. Apart from measurements, we also map engines and prepare them for motorsport, as far as electronics is concerned. The experience we have been gathering for years in Motorsport (WRC, DAKAR, ERC, EHC, RSMP, GSMP, etc.) allows us to carry out top-notch modifications. We work with Subaru OEM ECUs after 2001 and Mitsubishi OEM ECUs. Aditionally, we are the dealer of and we support ECUs manufactured by the British company Cosworth - Pectel ECU. We support the Pectel ECU in any application prepared for sports.

For more information visit the Dyno tab.

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