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Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can, PCV Side, Nissan 370Z 2009+ black - MMBCC-370Z-09PBE
Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can, PCV Side, Nissan 370Z 2009+ black - MMBCC-370Z-09PBE Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can, PCV Side, Nissan 370Z 2009+ black - MMBCC-370Z-09PBE Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can, PCV Side, Nissan 370Z 2009+ black - MMBCC-370Z-09PBE

Mishimoto™ - Aluminum Radiator, Performance Radiator, Intercooler SpecialistManufacturer: Mishimoto™ - Aluminum Radiator, Performance Radiator, Intercooler Specialist

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Give your VQ37 powered Infiniti the protection it deserves with the Mishimoto 2009+ Nissan 370Z Baffled Oil Catch Can kit. Our complete, dual-can setup combats the one issue that affects every modern day engine – blow-by. As a side effect of how your engine operates, and to keep the environmentalists satisfied, engine oil droplets make their way back through the intake tract and often build carbon on the valves, ultimately robbing your high-output V6 of its performance. With our 370Z Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit installed, you will have an unbeatable setup that will effectively intercept the contaminated crankcase gasses and prevent them from entering the intake. Our complete kit utilizes a pair of our tried and true 6061 aluminium compact catch cans that mount in line with the VQ37VHR’s dual PCV system using an application-specific mounting bracket. It’s more of what’s on the inside that counts for these catch cans, however. Our compact oil catch cans come equipped with a highly engineered baffle designed to condense oil droplets and fuel vapors to be collected in the bottom of the can. We’ve also incorporated internal air diverters to ensure a smooth and consistent flow of your PCV pressure. As an added line of defense, each one of our catch cans has a 50-micron bronze filter installed to trap any potential rogue oil droplets from escaping into the return line. Finally, every kit comes with a full set of pre-molded flat-black hoses that look right at home under the hood of your 370Z, all shipped with the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty. Our catch cans are different from most air-oil-separator (AOS) systems on a few levels. First, our catch cans are not heated. This means that all of the blow-by is able to condense in the can, including low-octane oil vapors and contaminated fuel vapors. Most AOS systems also drain the blow-by back into the oil pan, while our catch cans trap the blow-by and keep it out of the engine permanently. If you’ve seen what we’ve seen in the bottom of our catch cans, you won’t want that draining back into your oil either.  



  • Direct fit for the 2009-2020 Nissan 370Z,
  • Mounts in line with the PCV system to separate oil from air using a 50-micron bronze filter,
  • Installs in under 1 hour,
  • Application-specific bracket mounts the cans in an easily maintained location inside the engine bay,
  • Includes pre-molded, stock-style hoses for simplified install,
  • Defends intake system and essential engine components from oil blow-by,
  • Billet 6061 aluminum cans sealed with Viton™ O-rings,
  • CNC-machined aluminum barbed fittings ensure a sturdy connection between lines and can,
  • Helps reduce carbon build-up on intake valves,
  • Catch cans have a 3oz. capacity for longer servicing intervals,
  • Internal air diverter agitates air longer to improve oil separation,
  • Helps maintain proper octane levels to reduce potential detonation,
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.


Purchase includes:

  • (1) Application-Specific Mounting Bracket,
  • (2) Black, Anodized 6061 Aluminium Catch Can,
  • (4) Direct-Fit Pre-Molded Hoses,
  • (8) High-Quality Worm Gear Clamps,
  • (2) CNC-Machined Aluminium 90° Barbed Fittings,
  • (2) CNC-Machined Aluminium Barbed Straight Fittings,
  • (2) Air Diverters,
  • (2) Internal Baffle & Rod,
  • (2) 3/8" NPT Plug,
  • (2) Large O-Ring.  


Full information please find at Mishimoto website.


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