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Main bearing set std ACL race (5M8309HSTD) - Impreza, Legacy, Forester
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Manufacturer: ACL - Performance Engine Bearings

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ACL Race Series performance engine bearings are recognized as a premier brand throughout the motorsports world. Race Series rod and main bearings are standard components in race engines that have set records and won championships from Mexico to Bonneville - from sport compact drift racing to small block NASCAR, IHRA and NHRA cmpetitions. The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering provides Race Series performance bearings with the endurance and capability to perform where others cannot. These exceptional bearings are available for a variety of American, Asian and European performance engines.


Full information about technologies please find at manufacturer website.


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Price excl. 23% VAT 93,44 EUR

VAT 23%

Price incl. 23% VAT 114,94 EUR

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