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Klocki hamulcowe Carbone Lorraine RC6 tylne Brembo VO EVO 7/8/9/10, 5006W43T20RC6

Manufacturer: Carbone Lorraine - High Performance Brake Pads
Carbone Lorraine - High Performance Brake Pads

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RC6 Average friction coefficient µ= 0,4.

Our original compound, RC6 was designed to apply to a wide range of motorsports, from rally to circuit.

It has a high and very flat friction level and can be used successfully in almost every type of race car.

Low compressibility provides a stiff pedal which greatly increases feedback and allows for easier modulation.

It can also be used in the front or rear axle combined with the RC8 or RC5 to adjust bias.


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Netto Price 152,69 EUR

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Total Price 187,81 EUR

UPC 84175405586

Manufacturer's Website www.cl-brakes.com