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Injector Dynamics 2000cc/min high impedance fuel injector set of 4 Mitsubishi EVO 10 - 2000.

Injector Dynamics Manufacturer: Injector Dynamics

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This Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector Kit is the perfect solution for the fueling needs of your 2008-2012 Mitsubishi Evo X with the 2.0L 4B11T I-4 engine. Each kit includes the necessary connectors to fit the factory injector plugs and are made to fit the standard fuel rail(s) and cylinder head(s). The 2000cc injector size is suitable for high powered applications and excellent for use in E85 setups. The fast response time of these injectors allow them to work with near stock applications and provide factory-like idles. Upgrade your Evo X today and add the latest in advanced fueling technology. This kit includes (4) injectors and does not require special plug and play adaptors to complete installation.


  • Each Injector verified to flow 2000cc/min at 43.5psi.
  • Superior atomization and narrow spray pattern for more power, near factory idle, and excellent fuel efficiency.
  • High Impedance; no need for injector drivers or injector resistors.
  • High pressure capability up to 100psi fuel pressure. (Requires atleast 10V)
  • High duty cycle, with a recovery time of only 1ms: Capable of 92.5% duty cycle at 9k rpm and 95% duty cycle at 6k rpm while maintaining linearity within 1%
  • Excellent low pulsewidth response: Injectors perform with linearity within 2% to 2ms; predictable response at 1.5ms.
  • Repeatable consistency: No two sets will require more than a 1% trim Ruler flat response, unmatched linearity means easy tuning and accurate compensations.
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