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Manley Engine Piston Set Performance Turbo Tuff 85.50 mm 9.0:1 EVO 5/6/7/8/9 4G63 1998-2007 - 606305CE-4
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Manufacturer: Manley Performance
Manley Performance

Price incl. 23% VAT 1 160,08 EUR Price excl. 23% VAT 943,15 EUR

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A set of forged 85.50 mm Manley Performance pistons dedicated for EVO 5/6/7/8/9 with a 4G63 engine, the set has reinforced piston pins. Professional engine builders and elite tuners around the world are running Manley pistons for some very good reasons.



-Domestic 2618 alloy forgings,

-Offset wrist pin designs on many applications where appropriate,

-Cam and barrel (skirt) profiles that make big power yet are friendly to the cylinder walls,

-Better ring seal = More power,

-Total Seal piston rings used exclusively,

-Skirt coatings on many applications,

-Unique (to Manley) fixturing allowing skirt turning & ring groove machining be performed in one single operation to ensure the ultimate ring groove to skirt squareness,

-Includes strengthened pins (9310 alloy).

-2618 high strength material

-2.250” x .250” wall 9310 alloy pin included P/N 42552

-Pressure balance groove

-Will accomodate +1mm valve sizes

-Machined Struts

-Vertical Gas Ports designed for high HP Race Engines

-Premium Steel top rings with Napier seconds and round wire locks included

-Recommended piston clearance .0035” measured 1.100” from the bottom of the oil ring  


Set includes:

-pistons set,

-piston rings set,

-piston pins set.



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Price excl. 23% VAT 943,15 EUR

VAT 23%

Price incl. 23% VAT 1 160,08 EUR

By weight 2,400 kg

Manufacturer's Website www.manleyperformance.com