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ECU Cosworth/Pectel SQ6 - 01E-500700
ECU Cosworth/Pectel SQ6 - 01E-500700 ECU Cosworth/Pectel SQ6 - 01E-500700

Pectel by CosworthManufacturer: Pectel by Cosworth

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The Pectel SQ6 sets the benchmark for high performance engine management systems. Its unique strength lies in it being hugely powerful yet easy to map, using a powerful MPC565 processor coupled to a FPGA that handles all angle-based operations.

Key Features

Advanced algorithms provide better transient control, which gives greater feel and feedback to driver or rider.

Robust - the SQ6 has reverse-battery, over-voltage and load dump protection built in as standard. Sensor supply and signal ground pins are also protected against shorts to battery positive and negative.

Fully sequential fuelling on normally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines, from one to twelve cylinders.

Fly-by-wire capability, catering for both stepper and DC motors.

Capable of working with almost any combination of coil, injector, OEM sensor and actuator.

Our all-new crank and camshaft pattern recognition system allows the SQ6 to be used with virtually any OEM timing wheel. This sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm also facilitates synchronisation during slow and uneven cranking conditions.


It will be necessary for the SQ6 controller ECU SQ6 bracket 4turbo - SQ6CASING.

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Price 2 345,91 EUR

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Price incl. VAT 2 885,47 EUR

UPC 01E-500700