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STRI DSD EGT Gauge, 52 mm, green illumination, white dial - CS5206WG
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Manufacturer: STRI Racing
STRI Racing

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DSD = digital stepper drive Control and operates by Advance Digital Microprocessor Stepper Motor Driven (PM Type Gearless)

1. Micro Stepping Movement  high resolution and accurate readings
2. Super high torque  maintains the pointer accurately in toughest racing environments / prevents pointer from overshooting at high speed movements
3. Fast response  eliminates reading lag / real time display
4. Gearless noiseless operation / more durable


Special Note 1. Unlike conventional gear type stepper motors which are noisy and respond in slower reaction speed.
2. DSD stepper motors have been test proven in the toughest vibration environments which is a general characteristic of race tuned vehicles.

The following standard features can be found in all DSD series:

*Open / Closing Ceremony in sequences *270 Degree Sweep Wide viewing angle for higher resolution reading
*Warning Setting User Preset User preset warning values  alarm by LED
*Peak Recall On demand, view highest value achieved
*Automatic Self Calibration Each DSD meter is equipped with self calibration function that resets the pointer position after each installation. Or can be manually activated by shutting off the constant power source.
*Short-Circuit Auto Detect If the sensor wire is incorrectly connected or the signal extension wire cut, the meter will detect the error and alarms the driver. (Backlighting will go off / pointer flashing)
*Dimmer (DSD-SLM II Only) Reduce backlighting brightness for night time driving.
*Extreme Accuracy Racing Spec Sensors All DSD are equipped with racing spec sensors for accurate reading.
*Gorgeous Titanium Color Finish Casing

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Price 140,63 EUR

VAT 23%

Price incl. VAT 172,98 EUR

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