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Carbone Lorraine front brake pads for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9/10 Brembo VO gravel - 5036W50T17,5RC6
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Manufacturer: Carbone Lorraine - High Performance Brake Pads
Carbone Lorraine - High Performance Brake Pads

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CL Brakes have been developed from experience gained stopping some of the most demanding machines on the planet, such as Dassault Mirage Jetfighters, Airbus Airliners, High Speed passenger trains, and numerous Military applications.

CL Brakes are used at the highest level by some of the Worlds fastest teams.

CL Brakepads have a minimal bedding in process which means you can fit, do two or three medium compression stops and you are ready to race.

All CL Brakepad compounds offer superior pedal feel with minimal compound compression, this means minimal losses from your brake pedal to the friction surfaces, giving a more accurate feel right up to "lock up".

We offer several compounds so you can customise the level of power and balance you require, with or without brake servo assistance, the torque curve from all compounds is remarkably flat, and offer high "grip" even from low temperatures.


An outstanding reference point racing pad, amazing levels of grip and feel.

Designed for full racing use with either high grip race compound treaded tyres or full slicks.

RC6 has also won many fans within the Rally world as this compound offers high initial bite, but retains feel for gravel sections.

If you want to win races or set your fastest times look no further.


•Wide Range Of Applications

•Ideal For Rally And Short Circuit Use

•Average Friction Coefficient 0.5

•Increased Disc Life As Pad Material Is Not Transferred



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Price 219,61 EUR

VAT 23%

Price incl. VAT 270,12 EUR

By weight 2,300 kg

UPC 84175405723

Manufacturer's Website www.cl-brakes.com